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(Embedded) Librarians Marching (and Working) for Science

April 28, 2017

Last Saturday, here in Washington DC and in other cities around the world, we had the March for Science. As one who marched, I was glad to see that the American Library Association supported it, along with many other organizations dedicated to the pursuit of truth and wisdom.

You’d think if there’s one issue all librarians could get behind, this would be it. For embedded librarians, many of whom are embedded in scholarly and scientific communities, this is especially appropriate. We are at a moment when the very existence of scholarly and scientific inquiry, as well as the application of the resulting knowledge for the benefit of society, is under attack by the advocates of a “post-truth”, “alternative facts” mindset. There are attempts to de-fund and cast aside the scientific work of our colleagues, and our own work in promoting the effective dissemination and use of their knowledge.

So if you also marched last week, great! And if you didn’t, it’s not too late to get involved. Activities to defend and promote scholarly and scientific inquiry are ongoing. Visit the March for Science website ( for more. As embedded librarians, it makes sense for us to get embedded in this.