New Book: Call for Proposals


The following Call for Proposals may be of interest. It’s great to see the growing interest in embedded librarianship!


Elizabeth Leonard, Director of the Online Campus Library at Berkeley College, is editing a book on the role of embedded librarianship in the online/distance academic environment. 

Book proposals should focus on giving librarians the skills they need to become successfully “embedded” in online courses. You will show what works and what doesn’t through case studies and/or an in-depth discussion of the issues. 

Topical areas can include: 

·        Embedded Librarianship: Why/how did it develop? What does it “look” like in the online environment? How is it different than a physically embedded librarian?

·        What are the educational theories underlying embedded librarianship- for example the flipped classroom or life-long learning?

·        How does meeting ACRL Information Literacy standards work in an online classroom? Is it effective?

·        How can you market embedded librarian services in an online environment?

·        By which methodologies can a librarian be embedded in an online environment?

·        How can the embedded librarian assess the effectiveness  of assessment? How can we show the positive outcome of our work, satisfy Accreditation, map to IL standards, etc)

·        Case studies (differing models- small liberal arts, large for-profit, state consortium, etc).

To submit book chapter proposals, please submit an abstract of approximately 250 words and a brief outline to Elizabeth Leonard at  Deadline for discussion and/or proposals is December 14, 2012.




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