Just Published: Embedded Librarians: Moving Beyond One-Shot Instruction


Last week, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) announced publication of a collection of essays, Embedded Librarians: Moving Beyond One-Shot Instruction. Edited by Cass Kvenild and Kaijsa Calkins of the University of Wyoming, the book consists primarily of case studies. As the name implies, the reports focus on the trend toward embedded instructional roles for librarians, and innovations in instructional collaboration between faculty and librarians in higher education.

I’m pleased to say that I contributed a chapter, “Beyond Instruction: Creating New Roles for Embedded Librarians.”

The book is available from ALA, Amazon, and all the usual outlets. The Worldcat entry is here.


One Response to “Just Published: Embedded Librarians: Moving Beyond One-Shot Instruction”

  1. Kaijsa Calkins Says:

    David, thank you for writing about the book. We’re so happy you agreed to contribute a chapter, and we are really excited now that the book is in print!

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