Insightful Comments


Just a quick recommendation: I wanted to call attention to Tara Murray’s insightful comments in the June 30 posting on her DIY Librarian blog.

I like her comment that as an embedded librarian you “overhear conversations that lead me to develop new workshops.” I’m betting she is also drawn in to meetings for new workshops and other initiatives. The difference in her approach from the old “liaison” model is that the old model tended to focus on collection development, not current services to research teams.

I sympathize with her comment about having to work hard to connect with other librarians — this is a comment I’ve heard in my research and in other conversations. It can be mitigated but as she says, it takes work!

I agree with Tara that we should keep embedded services and the fate of library spaces separate. I think local needs should drive the evolution of the library space, and that there are lots of opportunities for embedded librarians regardless of what happens to the space.


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