Informationist Panel at MLA


Yesterday at the Medical Library Association Conference, there was an excellent seminar entitled “The Informationist in Practice” . It was organized by informationists from the National Institutes of Health and included four panel discussions: one each comprised of bioinformatics specialists, clinical informationists, and public health informationists, plus a panel on evaluation of informationist services. It wrapped up with remarks by Dr. Valerie Florance, co-author of the paper that set the term “informationist” into common parlance in the medical community. (See Davidoff, F. & Florance, V. (2000). The informationist: A new health profession? Annals of Internal Medicine, 132(12), 996-998.) The program was audio recorded and I’m told the recordings will be for sale from MLA.

I participated in the Evaluation Panel, and I’m posting a copy of my prepared presentation here.


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