The OCLS Conference


Here’s another interesting source, especially for those interested in embedded librarianship in the academic sector: the Off-Campus Library Services Conference, at:

A couple papers include the word “embedded” in their titles:

  • “Embedded Librarians: MLS Students as Apprentice Librarians in Online Courses”
  • “Taking Library Instruction into the Online Classroom: Best Practices for Embedded Librarians”

while others are also very relevant:

  • “Building a Virtual Campus: Librarians as Collaborators in Online Course Development and Learning”
  • “The Virtual Library Liaison: A Case Study at an Online University”

The text of some papers is available on the website.

It’s great — or maybe it’s only natural — to see the interest in embedded librarians in the higher education distance learning community.

(Thanks to Julie Rustad, Distance Education Librarian at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN — and a member of the OCLS program committee — for telling me about this resource!)


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