Good News: Embedded Librarian Research Funded


Now that the Special Libraries Association has made it official, I’m delighted to report that they have funded a new research project on embedded librarianship. My co-investigator, Mary Talley, and I were the recipients of an SLA Research Grant for our proposal entitled “Models of Embedded Librarianship.” Here’s a summary of our goals for the project:

The goal of this study is to develop an evidence-based model for the successful initiation, implementation, and evaluation of embedded library services, by achieving the following objectives: defining criteria of “embeddedness” for library and information service programs; defining indicators of success for embedded library services and identifying model programs outside the health-related sector; collecting data about the practices followed by these model programs in initiating, operating, and evaluating their services; and synthesizing collected an evidence-based set of recommended practices from the data that other librarians to use in their initiation, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of embedded library services.

I look forward to incorporating news about our progress in this blog in the coming months.


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