How to Start Embedded Services, Part 3


Idea no. 3 is “Volunteer!” Perhaps another way to say this is, be out there, be visible in your organization. Volunteering might take the form of getting involved in social and recreational activities in your workplace — anything from the company softball team to the lunchtime Pilates group. It might mean volunteering to lead a charitable campaign like United Way that’s sanctioned by your company, or volunteering for an inter-departmental task force (even if it has nothing directly to do with information services). It might take the form of sending the CEO, or another appropriate senior executive, a note offering the library’s services with an important corporate initiative. (Always keep your immediate supervisor informed, of course!) In all of these ways, you’re getting known in your organization. You’re showing that you’re someone who cares about the organization and wants to be involved — even be a leader in it. That way, when you start to promote your idea of embedded services, you’ll have credibility — you’ll be a known quantity — and you improve your chances of getting a serious hearing!

 So, those are my three ideas for starting embedded services. There’s much more to say, of course. What are your insights on this?


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