Next Research Questions


Looking at the survey results (see previous post for the link), I’d like to further analyze the data to gain better insights. So, what analyses should I do?

1. Question 5 asks for the organizational context of the librarian’s work.  I’d like to know if there are clusters of factors that might define the “most” or “highly” embedded librarian. For example, I might hypothesize that a truly embedded librarian would work in the following context:

  • Supervised by a member of the customer group, not by a member of central library management
  • More than half of salary is paid by customer group, not from library budget
  • Primary office is with customers, not in a central library space

If there is a cluster of characteristics like the above that tend to go together, then I could identify a set of the respondents who share those characteristics, and compare them to other respondents in terms of the responses to other questions, like what services they provide, and how they do marketing.

 Gotta go — more later…


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