Embedded Librarianship at the Special Libraries Association Conference


I got home early this morning (delayed flight that landed after midnight) from another invigorating and thought-provoking SLA Annual Conference.

During the conference, I contributed 3 postings to the new “ITI Books Blog” on the website of my publisher, Information Today. Rather than recap them here, I’ll just give you the link: http://booksblog.infotoday.com/ .

Well, I will add 2 comments to what I said in those posts. First, I was disappointed at the lack of formal programs on embedded librarianship. On the other hand, I was thrilled at the number of poster presentations I saw and informal conversations I had on the topic, suggesting that the folks in the profession are taking up embedded librarianship in a big way. Second, I was excited that embedded librarianship did come up several times in the closing session as one of the most important trends in the profession.

It was another great SLA conference. Next year I hope we’ll have even more emphasis on embedded librarianship!


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