Embedded Librarians at the Symposium


Every year, the School of Library and Information Science hosts a day-long symposium. We call it the “Bridging the Spectrum” symposium, because we invite librarians working in all sectors to come and present their research and innovative practices. You can find more about the symposium at http://slis.cua.edu/symposium/2012/index.cfm .

This year, we had two posters about embedded librarianship. One was my own, co-presented with my research assistant, Alison Makins. It summarizes the latest findings of the Models of Embedded Librarianship research project, funded by the Special Libraries Association.

The second was presented by one of our students, Trevor Riley. His poster was entitled, “‘Our Librarian’: Embedded Librarianship in Government”. While still a student, Trevor has become a successful and highly valued embedded librarian at a government agency here in the Washington DC area. In the poster, he shares insights based on his experiences, and offers his vision of the opportunities and future for embedded librarianship in the government sector.

I hope you’ll enjoy both posters.

Last but not least, you may also want to watch the video of the symposium keynote address by Maureen Sullivan, President-elect of the American Library Association. Her emphasis on librarians working out of the library, in the community, and in collaboration with others lends strong support (to me, at least) to the idea of embedded librarianship.


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